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  Schism Matrix by Bruce Sterling



Week 60


The Bofors arms and bribery deal. Another major league political scandal that finally perishes in an inglorious legal technicality.

How globalist to see an Italian Malaysian selling Swedish arms to Indians.



Everybody and his sister has got a digital-art antiwar beef this season.

mobilegaze — Montrèal CA

photomontage — Vancouver CA

irene marx — berlin DE

ui uuii — Vancouver BC CA

Klaus Schrefler — Graz AU — toronto CA

cybertarkus — Tijuana MX

rechen — Rosario (2000) AR

TJADER-KNIGHT inc. — Helsinki FI

andy deck — New York City NY

Mervyn Diese — London UK

ruth catlow — Stoke Newington, London UK

Miguel Mendoza — Mèxico City (DF) MX
yara elsherbini — Pontefract UK

microbo y bo130 — Milano IT

Antoine Schmitt — Paris FR

subculture — Los Angeles, CA US

emilio — Malaga SP

laura carmona — Mexico City MX

philip wood — Marcillac-Lanville FR

joesèr alvarez — Porto Velho - RondŁnia BR

Go-G — Buenos Aires AR

antonio dominguez — Monterrey, Nuevo LeŪn MX

jimpunk — Paris FR

jeff gompertz — NYC US

mario hergueta — Frankfurt DE

Glorious Ninth — Falmouth, Cornwall UK

re:combo — Recife BR

Tom Corby — London UK

NeuroConditioneæ — Barcelona ES (JP)

Dylan Graham — Amsterdam NL

Simon Biggs — London UK

Gianluca Del Gobbo — Rome IT

mircea turcan — monterrey MX

Frank Shifreen — New York City US

Moana Mayall — Rio de Janeiro BR

sellam michael — Paris FR

mark river — Brooklyn US

neil jenkins — Bristol UK

jody zellen — Los Angeles US

Marc McNulty — Rochester, New York US

doron golan — New York City US

marco13 — Barcelona ES

jon williams — Raleigh, N Carolina US

submeta — Paris FR

Eduardo Navas — Los Angeles US

RSG — New York City US

Ben Godfrey — London UK

joy garnett — New York City US

Andrej Tisma — Novi Sad YU

Crankbunny — New York City US

katie bush — San Francisco US

Deb King — Detroit, Michigan US

glaznost — Barcelona ES

elkin atwell — Brixton, London UK
eryk salvaggio — Ogunquit, Maine US

chema — Barcelona ES

karsten schmitt — Crouch End, London UK

zden — Bratislava SK

80/81 — Torino IT

stanza — Brixton, London UK

brian mackern — Montevideo UY

elout de kok — Amsterdam NL

peter luining — Amsterdam NL

margaret penney — New York City US

arcangel — Mexico City MX

fernando llanos — Mexico City MX

atty — Brixton, London UK



I'm with the politician who's the "singing, dancing whore."



Some goofily amusing steampunk techie archness here.



Beautiful to see this SF classic wending its way through the decades, veering from dignity to gruesome schlock.


Bruce Sterling writes books like Darwin watched animals. Find out more about him, and read tattered electronic copies of Cheap Truth, at the Bruce Sterling Online Index. He lives with his wife Nancy and their two daughters in Austin, Texas.

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