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  Schism Matrix by Bruce Sterling

Week 2

Business people have a boosterism neurosis and are seriously detached from harsh reality. Everybody reads FORTUNE and SUCCESS, but nobody subscribes to BANKRUPTCY and FAILURE. On this useful site, however, you can cruise right in and watch dotcoms burn-rate to death in slow motion. It would be swell to see this service expand to cover, say, publishing.

Ken Rinaldo likes to tear up telephones, televisions, office chairs and bass guitars, wire them up to detectors and chips, and turn them into interactive art installations. Ken is into a seriously weird scene.

Amy Youngs knows Ken, but she's into stuff like interactive art with cactuses and crickets. The world really needs more women like this.

This scientific experiment has been running nonstop in Australia since 1927. Now it's on the web! Imagine the intolerable excitement of standing by on your RealPlayer watching pitch melt!

Unlike most victims of Microsoft's instability, this guy actually *collects and displays* his Windows crash screens. It's a mighty extensive collection, too. Over 400K!


Bruce Sterling knows more than is seemly about the ecological implications of mining lard from sewers and having the dead devoured by birds. If you go to Viridian Design, he'll share that knowledge with you. He also writes books.

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