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  Schism Matrix by Bruce Sterling

Week 5


There's a rock band called "Max Q" that is composed entirely of astronauts. Where are their MP3s?

Colonel USAF Carl E. Walz, lead singer.

Lieutenant Colonel USAF Susan Helms on keyboards

Mission Specialist Stephen K. Robinson, lead guitar.

James Wetherbee seems to be merely a *former* member of Max Q. He was scrubbed. Way too many hard drugs, I'd wager. Those underage groupies wouldn't stop hitting on him. He must have been the drummer.



Hold me back! "LightGod," the Electroluminescent Superstore, has a special on flashing shoelaces!



If they blow a fuse over at "Laughing Squid" web hosting services, it's gonna take out half of San Francisco's bohemia. Imagine being so bad-ass, so with-it, so totally street, that you host the Billboard Liberation Front, Santarchy in the USA, Burning Man, *and* two or three Cacaphony Societies.



You can learn a lot about other people's lives and social values by having a good close look at their pop stars.

They often have careers that seem particularly rich and full.



They've turned a set of giant, empty, Canadian grain silos into "the world's largest musical instrument." These concrete tubes are 90 feet high and 24 feet around, and you can blurt audio-files into them over the Internet. Leave it running a while and you'll hear people from around the planet bellowing weird crap into the silophone.


Bruce Sterling knows more than is seemly about the ecological implications of mining lard from sewers and having the dead devoured by birds. If you go to Viridian Design, he'll share that knowledge with you. He also writes books.

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