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you’re probably wondering
what we’re up to

by Eileen Gunn



This month we’re featuring the German cyberpunk writer, Myra Çakan, and the second of her two stories, The Spider’s Nest, goes up today. It’s a dark tale in which the boundaries between humans and computer programs are completely permeable.

Richard Kadrey has finished his latest novel, and will be returning with more ViperWire tales later this week. While he’s been gone, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, whose tales are seen much too rarely, has been sending us tiny gems of stories, and we will be continuing to publish her tales as she sends them.

Every weekday there’s a link or two from Bruce Sterling. Bruce’s blog, Schism Matrix, is a chance to stand next to Bruce while he points at something and mutters, an experience which is never less than rewarding, and often is considerably more than revelatory. Terry Bisson’s This Week in History gives us a daily lesson in future shock, sending tendrils from today’s events into the years and centuries ahead. And Dave Langford’s Runcible Ansible shares gossip and news and tidbits from Thog every Friday.

You may have noticed that we are starting a twice-monthly newsletter, and we’re encouraging our readers to sign up for it. This will be a quick reminder of what’s happening on the site, so you won’t miss a favorite writer or a special event on The Infinite Matrix just because you have a real life somewhere else. Please sign up! We will not give or sell your name to anyone else, and we promise not to bug you with junk mail. Plus you could win a bundle of really cool books!

In addition, you’re probably wondering how we’ve managed to stay alive all this time, but we’ll leave that for next week’s editorial.

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