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sterling breaks out

by eileen gunn



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It's a fact: Bruce has gone on to a far better place than this. His new blog will start up on Wired, most likely sometime in September. He's been a core contributor to The Infinite Matrix, and a stalwart supporter.

Sorry as we are to see him go, we're happy to see him address a larger audience. The world would be a smarter place if more people read Bruce Sterling.

This gives us an opportunity to seduce a couple of other interesting people who have not been blogging. We are withholding names pending final negotiations, but we think you will find them, if not a replacement for SchismMatrix (who could replace Bruce?), at least welcome additions to the Web.

In other news, we're running behind schedule in August (as you may have noticed), due to too much travel, not enough backup staff, and the kind effects of the MsBlaster worm, which knocked out my laptop while I was on the road. Armadillocon was fantastic, and resulted in generous donations from several Infinite Matrix readers. Thanks! Hiking in the Sierras, with Pat Murphy and Carol Emshwiller, was also great fun, but now that Steve Swartz has healed my laptop (thanks, Steve!), it's time to get on with the program. Today we will be putting up whole week all at once: Swanwick's The Sleep of Reason, Langford's The Runcible Ansible, and Sterling's SchismMatrix swansong. New material will go up as usual from now on. The Sycamore Hill series will resume next week, and there will be a new Richard Kadrey story.




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Eileen Gunn is the editor and publisher of The Infinite Matrix, and Chairman of the Board of the Clarion West Writer's Workshop. She also writes short stories, two of which have been nominated for the Hugo award. Her cryptic and hard-to-navigate personal site, Imaginary Friends, was a Cool Site of the Day way back in 1997.

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