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The Infinite Matrix

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kiss kiss! bang bang!

by Eileen Gunn




The Infinite Matrix is now finished. The site will stay up for a year or so, although older work may be removed as the rights run out. Check out the archive for a list of everything.

Just for the record, here's our final issue:

Cory Doctorow & Charles Stross Appeals Court (a reprint)
James Patrick Kelly Why School Buses are Yellow
Rudy Rucker, The Men in the Back Room at the Country Club

Eleanor Arnason: Writing Science Fiction
     During the Third World War

William Gibson: Time Machine Cuba
Pam Noles: Shame

David Langford: The Runcible Ansible
Howard Waldrop: I C London, I C France:
     You Are What You See

A. Fluffy Bunny: Mostly NYC
Charles Whiteside: Distrust that Particular Flavor

There are many people responsible for helping to keep the Infinite Matrix going the past couple of years, and I've listed some under Who's responsible?. My thanks to them, and to everyone else who helped and contributed!

See you around.



Eileen Gunn is the editor and publisher of The Infinite Matrix, and a member of the board of directors of the Clarion West Writer's Workshop. She also writes short stories. Her recent collection, Stable Strategies and Others, was short-listed for the Philip K. Dick Award, the James Tiptree, Jr, Award, and the World Fantasy Award. One of the stories in the collection, "Coming to Terms," won the Nebula Award for Best Short Story, 2004.

Find out more (and read a few stories) at Her cryptic personal site, Imaginary Friends was a Cool Site of the Day way back in 1997. Its amiable and equally aged companion, The Difference Dictionary, offers clues to Gibson and Sterling's The Difference Engine.


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