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a year of living dangerously

by Eileen Gunn



Hey! The Infinite Matrix has been publishing every weekday for a full year! Much of the credit for this timeliness goes to our incredibly reliable Webgoddess and Assistant Editor, Karen Fisher. Thanks, Karen!

Our regular columnists have been faithful and creative. Bruce Sterling hasn't missed a day, despite his heavy travel-and-work schedule. Michael Swanwick and Richard Kadrey are each producing remarkable fiction on a schedule that boggles the mind. David Langford not only sends his weekly column like clockwork, he also corrects my math and hardly ever makes fun of it in public. Terry Bisson added strageness, and John Clute substance.

And our other contributors have sent impressive work: Full length stories from: Ursula Le Guin, Gene Wolfe, Avram Davidson, Neal Barrett, Jr., Ray Vukcevich, Marc Laidlaw, Myra Çakan, Simon Ings, Benjamin Rosenbaum; Novel excerpts from Kathleen Ann Goonan, Pat Cadigan, Cory Doctorow, and Rudy Rucker; Short-shorts from Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Walter Jon Williams, Sally Gwylan, John Varley, Leslie What, Michael Kandel, James Patrick Kelly, Maureen McHugh, John Kessel, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Daniel Abraham, and Ellen Klages. Art from Jay Kinney and Paul Mavrides, Ken Fletcher, and Francesco Goya.

Behind the scenes, Rachel Holman and Nisi Shawl have been terrific, and John D. Berry has put up with a lot of late dinners, even when he was cooking. Ellen Datlow and Gardner Dozois have been generous with their advice. Mary Anne Mohanraj and Jed Hartman have likewise been most supportive.

The other important ingredient in making it through this year has been funding. A generous donor, without whom we would have been roadkill on the information highway, funded the first eight months. I funded three months myself, and our FundFest supporters have kept us going since.

The FundFest, now drawing to a close, has been a limited success. We've raised about $4000. This is way short of our goal of $60,000, but it does mean that, so far, we've been able to continue publication on a hand-to-mouth basis. Much thanks to everybody who has contributed: I'm very grateful for your help in keeping The Infinite Matrix afloat. If you haven't donated yet, there's still time.

There are a bunch of cool donor awards left. We've dropped the suggested donation for most of them, so if there's something that you fancied, take a look at the Donor Awards List and see if it's still there. Check out the Infinite Meatloaf Lunchbox that Ellen Klages created, cruelly mocking our literary aspirations.

And if you can see any way to make money at this, drop me a line, would you?



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