The Infinite Matrix

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who's behind the infinite matrix?

Eileen Gunn - Editor and Publisher - Eileen Gunn lives in Seattle, where, in addition to editing and producing The Infinite Matrix, she writes short stories. Two of her stories have been nominated for the Hugo Award. Her personal websites, Imaginary Friends and The Difference Dictionary have also garnered a few awards. She's a director of the Clarion West Writers Workshop, and has a background in the computer industry.

Karen Fisher - Assistant Editor and WebGoddess - Karen Fisher, artist, tamer of cybergremlins, dakini wannabe and handmaiden of Coyote, lives and works near some of the most spectacular rock formations in the world. Sometimes she designs web sites.

Nisi Shawl - Public Relations Manager - Nisi Shawl writes fiction and critical articles. Her work has appeared in Asimov's SF Magazine, Semiotext(e), Gnosis, and Dark Matter. She reviews books for the Seattle Times, and is also a director of Clarion West.

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