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dr real
by Simon Ings

dr. real has left the building

Sorry. "Dr. Real," by Simon Ings, published here in August 2001, is no longer available on The Infinite Matrix website. All good things come to an end.

Why have we removed it? Because, at The Infinite Matrix, we believe that online magazines should license stories for a delimited time period, not in perpetutity, and our contracts with the authors reflect that belief. As a publisher, we limit the rights we buy, and we do not mandate that authors give us the right to keep their stories up forever. Authors should own their work, and be free to make it available under any kind of license they wish.

Please note: we do not advocate top-down digital-rights management or any Mouse-based incursions on the public domain. For more info on authors' rights and options, see the Wikipedia article Open Access Publishing. Creative Commons also has info for authors on options for open-licensing their work.


Simon Ings lives in London. His latest novel, a crime thriller called Painkillers, is published by Bloomsbury. His work as a journalist veers drunkenly from New Scientist articles to celebrity interviews to the pages of The World Of Interiors, from which he lifted the brand-names for 'Dr Real'.

Mr Ings also writes for the excellent webzine InfinityPlus (no relation).

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