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  Schism Matrix by Bruce Sterling

Week 29


Hmmm. I wonder if it's really true that mob hackers "own" the switching stations for Sprint telephones in Las Vegas. If so, it's right out of the old "Legion of Doom" phone-phreak handbook.



Here are 56 Spaniards who play Quake. Instead of wiping each other out with nailguns and chainsaws, they've managed to stack their character into an awe-inspiring tower.

Of course, even that remarkable feat scarcely compares to the crazed ingenuity of these "AIM Buddies."



Since the best astronomical data is all digitized now, why get out of your chair and look up at the sky? Sit down and log on to the good ol' "virtual observatory."

You don't have to sift through all those tiresome reams of Hubble data, either. It's a lot easier to simply concentrate on the weirdest stuff in the universe.



The Very Large Telescope is not only very large, it's run by Europeans and located in Chile. If you can't afford a Hubble, better hook up a bunch of big ground instruments digitally — in South America, on a mountain, in the world's driest desert.

Voici les nifty-keen commercial posters, und so weiter.



These guys campaign in a quixotic effort to let human beings see the stars without cosmos-obscuring light pollution.

Check out 24-hour America, glowing from coast to coast like an abyssal squid.


Bruce Sterling knows more than is seemly about the ecological implications of mining lard from sewers and having the dead devoured by birds. If you go to Viridian Design, he'll share that knowledge with you. He also writes books.

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