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  Schism Matrix by Bruce Sterling

Week 30


I'm very into weird online para-economic activities, but to "bobba for furni," man, that is pushing it.



Hari Kunzru is one hip dude.  He's got a new novel out, and it's rather interesting, yet less interesting than his peculiar friends and neighbors here.



If you've got Flash and Shockwave and a weird, edgy attitude, you should be hanging out with Future Farmers.  The "They Rule" site has provoked particular admiration.



She was just a cyberpunk's daughter, but she sure knew her metalwork.  She'd saw you a neck pendant quick as lightning.



I wonder how it is that these xenobiological saucer aliens somehow manage to look so very French.


Bruce Sterling knows more than is seemly about the ecological implications of mining lard from sewers and having the dead devoured by birds. If you go to Viridian Design, he'll share that knowledge with you. He also writes books.

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