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how we're doing

by Eileen Gunn




Every fundraiser needs a hokey thermometer, so here's ours, right off the back porch.

As you can see, we've got a ways to go. We've collected $429 so far, so we're only $71 away from a new installment of Bruce Sterling's blog.

To enhance your donating pleasure, we've added Amazon's Honor System. (Thanks, Warren!)

For every $500 of donations that comes in, I'll put up some new content. When donations reach the $2500 level, I'll post Ben Rosenbaum's new story, The Death Trap of Dr. Nefario. When I get $5000, we'll go back to business as usual.

Thanks for any contribution you can make. — Eileen



Eileen Gunn is the editor and publisher of The Infinite Matrix. She also writes short stories, two of which have been nominated for the Hugo award. Her cryptic and hard-to-navigate personal site, Imaginary Friends, was a Cool Site of the Day way back in 1997.

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