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Make a donation and tell us what reward you want

Send an email to Nisi Shawl, telling us what amount you want to donate, and saying what prize you want as your reward. (You can list several rewards, in your order of preference.) Check the awards page to see what's available.

We'll reply right away. Email us your shipping address and make your donation. You can use your Visa or MasterCard via PayPal, or mail us a check. We'll mail you your award when the donation arrives.

You can donate money at any time

Of course, you can send a donation of any amount at any time. Here's how:

Click one of the buttons below to donate via PayPal or the Amazon Honor System.

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Or just write a check to The Infinite Matrix, and send it to:
The Infinite Matrix
525 19th Avenue East
Seattle WA 98112

Send an email to Nisi, to tell her what award you want.

Still have questions? Ask Nisi.


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