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tales from rio hondo

Rio Hondo Writers Workshop, 2002

The Rio Hondo Writer's Workshop is an annual invitational workshop for professional writers, one of those places like fabled Milford and storied Sycamore Hill, where a dozen or so writers who already know what they're doing meet to sharpen their wits, and sometimes their tongues. Founded 1997 by Walter Jon Williams and Sage Walker, Rio Hondo is held in Taos, New Mexico, and has established a reputation for the quality of the attendees' cooking, as well as that of their writing.

The Infinite Matrix issued a challenge to each of the Rio Hondo writers to write, at the workshop, a science fiction short-short. Most took up the challenge, while workshopping the stories they brought with them and cooking fantastic meals.

Here are the results: ten stories from Walter Jon Williams, Sally Gwylan, Michael Kandel, Daniel Abraham, Leslie What, John Kessel, Ellen Klages, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, James Patrick Kelly, and Maureen McHugh. Plus a pyromaniac recipe for Bananas Foster. Enjoy!

the stories

The Millennial Party
Walter Jon Williams | 08.05.02

Sally Gwylan | 08.12.02

Voodoo Euclid
Michael Kandel | 08.19.02

The Mechanism of Grace
Daniel Abraham | 08.26.02

Of Two Minds
Leslie What | 09.03.02

Be Prepared
Ellen Klages | 09.09.02

The Family Vacation
John Kessel | 09.16.02

Scenes from a Marriage
Nina Kiriki Hoffmann | 09.23.02

Barry Westphall Crashes the Singularity
James Patrick Kelly | 09.30.02

Maureen F. McHugh | 10.07.02

Digital Love
Mary Turzillo | 04.01.06

Ellen Klages | 04.01.06


the process

How We Met the Challenge
Ellen Klages | 08.12.02


the food

Cooking at Rio Hondo
Walter Jon Williams | 08.12.02

The Menu
Rio Hondo 2002 | 08.12.02

Bananas Foster
Walter Jon Williams | 08.12.02


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