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what we've done for you lately

by Eileen Gunn



Just so you know: there's something new on The Infinite Matrix every weekday.

You get a new Bruce Sterling blog every day. Every Wednesday, Richard Kadrey appears with a new, and generally harrowing, fantastic vision. Michael Swanwick riffs on Thursdays, playing sardonic variations on themes by Francisco Goya. Friday brings news and Thog from Dave Langford. Every month, you get new stories, most recently from Rudy Rucker, Kiini Ibura Salaam, and Neal Barrett, Jr.

Except now, of course, because right now we're having this public-radio-style marathon. Just send us some money — whatever you can afford, don't break the bank — and we can get back to publishing whatever we want.

For every $500 of donations that comes in, I'll put up some new content. When donations reach the $2500 level, I'll post Ben Rosenbaum's new story, The Death Trap of Dr. Nefario. When I get $5000, we'll go back to business as usual.

Thanks for any contribution you can make. — Eileen


Eileen Gunn is the editor and publisher of The Infinite Matrix. She also writes short stories, two of which have been nominated for the Hugo award. Her cryptic and hard-to-navigate personal site, Imaginary Friends, was a Cool Site of the Day way back in 1997.

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