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an excerpt from
dervish is digital
by Pat Cadigan

part 2


Dervish is gone

Sorry. The excerpt from Dervish is Digital by Pat Cadigan, published here in August 2001, is no longer available on The Infinite Matrix website. All good things come to an end.

You can always buy it on Amazon.


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Pat Cadigan lives in North London with her husband, the Original Chris Fowler, and Miss Kitty Calgary, Queen of the Cats. Under the monarchy system, this is a higher level of royalty than the Queen of Cyberpunk, even counting the two Arthur C. Clarke Awards.

"If you can't figure out which one of us got the Clarkes," says one of the Queens imperiously, "you probably voted for Nader in the last US election." Neither Queen seems to care if this remark offends you.

Biographic and bibliographic information on Ms. Cadigan (but not on Miss Kitty) is available on the Cyberpunk Project and Alpha Ralpha Boulevard , and her story The Final Remake of the Return of Little Latin Larry is available on Event Horizon.

Dervish is Digital, the novel from which this is an excerpt, was published in the United Kingdom in October 2000 by Macmillan, and in the US in July 2001 by Tor Books. It is available from Adventures in Crime and Space and, of course, other booksellers.

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